Mumm 30 North American Class Association

Owner's Meeting

September 11, 1998

Annapolis, Maryland

David Irish opened the meeting with most of the owners competing in the Lewmar Cup present.

The first subject was the 1999 North American Circuit scheduling. Stating his desire that the scheduling be decided by committee, and that there be turnover in the makeup of the scheduling committee, Irish thanked the previous members and nominated three new members as follows: Fred Sherratt to represent the Northeast and Canada, Tom Tatum to represent the Mid-Atlantic, and Stuart Townsend to represent the Great Lakes region. All three were present and accepted the assignment. Fred Sherratt will chair the committee. The committee is authorized to decide the schedule, and is to present the schedule to the class membership at the World Championship in November. The Class membership present agreed.

Nelson Stephenson was asked to select events for an East Coast championship for the class. Mike Leland was asked to select events for a Great Lakes championship for the class. Each will announce the schedule, communicate with area owners, manage the scoring, and organize trophies.

Irish reviewed the status of the Mumm 30 class with ISAF. The class is "Recognized" by ISAF which entitles the class to hold an annual official World Championship, and provides for participation and representation within the ISAF organization. The ISAF assists the class in administration of the class rule, and provides an orderly and deliberate process for any rule changes.

Technical Committee Chairman Ed Collins discussed compliance with ISAF, ORC, and Class Rules. It was agreed that for the World Championship, all US boats must have their sail number match the hull number and will be issued a bow number that matches the sail and hull number. This requirement is to be included in the Notice of Race for the Worlds, and it is anticipated that the same procedure will be followed in subsequent class events. (No more 5 and 6 digit sail numbers)

The subject of possible cheating through moving sail buttons from sail to sail was raised. Following discussion, it was generally felt that such cheating would be difficult and unlikely, it being noted that each button has a number, registered with the class as to sail, year, and make, and that these numbers are declared on regatta entry forms.

In response to a general question, none of the members present were aware of rule compliance problems.

Fred Sherratt asked about a Class newsletter and said that Scott Collinson could help put one together. The website was also brought up, and it was mentioned that since the Mumm 30 is an ISAF class, regatta results are posted on the ISAF website at At present there is not any information on the Farr International website.

Preliminary copies of the Mumm 30 World Championship NOR were distributed to the members attending.