US Mumm 30 Owner's Meeting

October 25, 1997

Annapolis, Maryland


Geoff Stagg opened the meeting at 5:30 in. by thanking everyone for coming to the event.

He stated that he was passing on the reins to the owner's through the Class Constitution that was attached to the agenda. The constitution was for a US Owner's National Class Association. Stagg stated that any rule changes must still be approved by the Management Group as per the constitution and the Class Rule. Renee Mehl mentioned that it is an International Recognized ISAF Class, and that any rule changes also had to have approval from a majority of the international owners, and go through the proper channels at ISAF.

Stagg stated that the Italians, French, and British had already formed national Class Associations, and the Italians have drafted their own constitution. He asked Dave Irish if he had found any problems with the draft copy of the US version. Irish replied that the document works well, and that there were no surprises. Charlie Lawrence, who had also read the draft, said that it was straightforward. Stagg asked that the owners approve the constitution at the present meeting, so that they could spend their time at regattas sailing and enjoying the parties instead of at meetings.

Marty Stagowitz and Bob Shear both said that they wanted ail opportunity to read the constitution before voting on it, and that the members of the Class not present should be given the chance to read it and respond by mail. It was suggested that voting on officers should take place by Key West Race Week. Slagowitz proposed a return date for the constitution of December 31, then vote on the officers at Key West. Nelson Stephenson asked why the class should wait until the next regatta meeting, and suggested doing everything by mail ahead of time so that other issues could be discussed at the meeting. Fred Sherratt asked to change the wording on the constitution to "North American Mumm 30 Class Association," so that Canada would be included.

Geoff Stagg moved onto the management group's suggested nominations, since there is not a nominating committee in place within the current structure. He nominated Dave Irish for President, Ed Collins for Vice President and Technical Committee Chairman, Charlie Lawrence for Treasurer, Barry Carroll for the Builder and Renee Mehl for voting Secretary position.

Jim Michie asked who the technical committee was, and Stagg replied that a committee of owners and the management group would be formed. Dave Irish added that the committee would review and draft rule changes. Michie said that there were already anomalies in the class, and that the technical Committee should be separate from the class so that it's not self-serving. It was explained that the technical committee would only review proposed rule changes and make recommendations, they couldn't actually change the rule because changes have to go through the hierarchy of: Class management, international Class World Council, owner's vote and ISAF.

Ed Freitag asked about the position of the secretary, and whom she would represent. Stagg replied that she would represent the interests of the Class, and also provide an international perspective. Bob Shear pointed out that the way the constitution is written, the Secretary would have to own a Mumm 30 and be a paid member of the Class Association. 'Therefore, either the wording should be changed or Rene should buy a boat. It was agreed that any draft changes that needed to be made would be circulated to the class for a vote.

Stagg asked for approval of his motion for the nominees. Jim Michie seconded the motion. Fred Sherratt pointed out that there should be a provision to change one or more of the people of the Executive Committee every two years to ensure that there wouldn't be a mass turnover after the maximum tenure of eight years. Charlie Lawrence volunteered to sit on the board for two years only. Pending those changes, the motion was voted on and passed. Lawrence suggested that amendments be proposed and passed before the Key West meeting, and Stagg said that the owner approved constitution should go to ISAF as well. Marty Slagowitz suggested a two-step process of sending out the constitution plus any changes,

then voting on the document in Key West. Jonathon Olesky pointed out that the membership couldn't keep making constant revisions, the constitution would never be accepted. He suggested sending out the proposal, and having it returned by November 31 with proposed changes, then the Executive Committee could revise it, and send it out again to be returned by December 31 for a mail vote so that it would be accepted and in place by Key West.

Geoff Stagg talked about the status of ISAF and mentioned that he was nominated to sit on the Offshore One Design Keelboat Committee. Dave Irish said that it is a Committee that reviews rules on International Classes - and that lie and Geoff Stagg are involved so that they can keep the interests of the Class represented within the Committee. Stagg went on to say that the most important part of a One Design Class in integrity of the Rules, and Farr International has always gone to battle for the owners against the authorities.

Discussion moved onto scheduling for 1998. Geoff explained that Farr International was trying to consolidate the one design events to include all the classes in the spring. Jim Michie suggested that Atlantic City be nominated as the Farr One Design event, and Tina Worth enthusiastically seconded the motion. Jeff Udell from Custom Offshore would organize the event, and said that the only downside was launch and haul. Stagg suggested hiring a crane. Udell went on to say that it was a great inlet, great sailing, only 1-2 miles to the race course from the harbor, and that there were good, inexpensive hotels in Absecon. He said that he would have to check on the first weekend in June to see if he could get the race committee from Heart Cup, and he would put together a proposal. Stagg asked Jim Flanagan if he wanted to submit a bid for Marblehead. Flanagan said that it was a great event in the spring, with housing at both yacht clubs and very easy launch and haul facilities. He said that they were a bit disappointed with the turnout, but Bob Shear pointed out that there was a problem with the dates published by Farr International. Jeff Udell mentioned that Memorial Day was a difficult weekend to schedule an event.

Dave Koski said that the NYYC regatta was the same weekend as Harbor Springs, which was a problem for the boats from the Midwest. He said that it would be great to have two Midwest series events since so many people from there travel to the East Coast. Someone suggested split scoring for different events. Stagg cautioned against diluting the Class and suggested that the Executive Committee come up with strict parameters for the National Circuit. The events should flow directionally from south to north to Midwest to west to make it easier for travel. Stagg also suggested forming a committee to research regattas. Nelson Stephenson said that the regional reps should do the schedule. Roland Arthur proposed that 8-9 events should be suggested, and then submitted to the Class for a vote. Marty Slagowitz said that the SORC was tough being 4-5 weeks after Key West - it was difficult for crews to take that much time off. He wanted to drop SORC from the circuit. The following committee was formed to schedule events: Marty Slagowitz from Long Island Sound, Dave Koski from. the Great Lakes, Sandy Malakis from the Chesapeake, and Jim Flanagan from New England. A West Coast representative still needs to be nominated for the committee. Slagowitz was nominated chairman of the Circuit schedule committee. Fred Sherratt suggested scheduling the Worlds at least 5-6 weeks after the Lewmar Cup in Annapolis so that the Europeans would consider using the Lewmar Cup as a tuneup. Ed Freitag said that moving Lewmar earlier in the season to the same weekend as the Oxford regatta would work for the Chesapeake Bay fleet. Geoff Stagg endorsed Hilton Head for the 1998 Worlds. There would be several people who were involved with the Olympic sailing program working on the Race Committee, and housing and dockage has already been arranged. The only downside might be a long trek to the race course, but someone mentioned that they would have courses set inside the sound as well as offshore.

Ed Collins gave a brief report on the first ISAF World Championship in Marseilles, France. He said that the yacht club was a great host, the race committee did a good job with the exception of the last day, but they had a bad race as well. Collins also said that the Italians wanted tighter eligibility rules than were used, because several owners had found Group I competitors to steer their boats who just happened to have raced the last Olympics, but were now stockbrokers and therefore "legal" helmsmen under US Sailing definitions. The Italian Class Association has adopted stricter rules for their national events, which include exclusion of drivers that have attained 1st through 3rd place in World or Continental Championships in ISAF Classes or in Olympic Classes in the past eight years, or spent more than 40 days racing the previous year.

Dave Irish said that these changes could either be incorporated into the US Sailing Appendix R, which he thought unlikely, or to incorporate them into the Class Rule. He believed that there should be some way to recognize skill level and was working on that issue within the US Sailing Committee. Geoff Stagg didn't want to change the Class Rule.

Moving on, Geoff suggested adopting the low point scoring system for the 1998 Circuit point standings. A vote was taken, and a majority of the Class passed it. There was some discussion on loading points for high profile events based on the number of competitors, but it was decided to keep the system simple and straightforward.

Stagg also mentioned that there were at least 40 boats expected for Key West and many requests for charters were coming in. Any owner interested in chartering their boat for Key West should talk to Renee Mehl after the meeting, or contact Farr International by phone or fax. Garth Hitchens Yacht Rigging of Annapolis has offered to manage the crane to launch and haul the Mumm 30s at Conch Harbor Marina in Key West. He also has skilled personnel available to commission and tune boats and diving services during the week.

David Koski said that if there were going to be 40 boats in Key West, the Class should consider awarding prizes from 1st through 5th place. Stagg mentioned that there was an anonymous donor of extra prizes for the Lewmar Cup, so there would be plenty of awards. Marty Slagowitz suggested that the Class should also try and do events where there was a start for the Mumm 30s.

Geoff Stagg adjourned the meeting by saying that there was a good party waiting for everyone at the yacht club.