Mumm 30 Owners Meeting

October 29, 1995

Annapolis, Maryland


The meeting was called to order by Geoff Stagg at 8:00 a.m. He stated that the class rule was not printed yet, but would be similar to the Mumm 36, and that the 1996 racing schedule would be run alongside the Mumm 36s.

Barry Carroll pointed out that the boats were being built to a very strict one design parameter, starting with Hull 1 onward.

Geoff outlined the structure of the class as having 9 dealers, the next available hull will be # 40, a builder in New Zealand has been signed up, with one soon to follow in the UK.

Discussion was opened on crew weight, with Bruce Farr commenting that 580 kg was the original weight, which allows for 6 crew averaging 185 lbs. each. With women or small men you could sail with 7-8 people, but it was designed for 6. Mark Fischer noted that Moxie was sailing with seven, and it was nice to have an extra set of hands. Stagg said that keeping crew numbers down helps keep overall cost down, too, which is important to a lot of owners. Jeff Udell agreed that a crew of 6 worked well to get around the course, and the weight should stay at 525. Barry Carroll suggested deciding the matter at the present meeting to avoid confusion in the class later. A motion was put forward to keep the weight at 525 and passed.

Geoff mentioned that the class needed to consider Category A sponsorship, which allows individual boats to get sponsors. The management group will be working on obtaining class sponsors for designated Category B events. A motion was made to disallow Category A in the Mumm 30 class and passed.

Concerning owner/drivers, no group 3 drivers will be allowed by the class rules unless they buy a boat. Owners or group 1 competitors are the only sailors that can steer, to protect the owner/driver status of the class. Geoff emphatically stated that only owners could drive, or a Cat 1 sailor if the owner couldn't make every day of an event. If you're an owner and a professional drives your boat, you're out! Discussion amongst the owners determined that a Category 3 owner had to prove 50% ownership to drive, and a Category 2 owner had to prove 30% ownership to drive, based on a $100,000 base figure, regardless of price fluctuations. A motion was made to accept these figures, and passed.

Professional crew limits were discussed next, with a suggestion to further limit the current status of 1 Cat 3 and 2 Cat 2 crews. After reviewing the issue, a motion was made to keep the limits as is, and passed.

The current sail limitations call for 1 mainsail, 3 jibs and 3 spinnakers. Barry Carroll pointed out that these limits were for circuit events only. Eliminating the fractional kite was brought up, Bruce Farr said that it has been discussed for months, and suggested leaving the matter open until after the boat was sailed in more events.

John Warren of the RORC will issue one design certificates for the Mumm 30.

Geoff reiterated again that owners should not change the boats. It is a one design class, and the owners responsibility not to change anything. Barry Carroll said that if you had a question regarding the boat, you should call Carroll Marine or Farr International.

The meeting was adjourned as 9:00 a.m. by Geoff Stagg.