Mumm 30 North American Class Association

North American Fleet Owner's Meeting

November 17, 1998

Hilton Head Island, SC

Dave Irish opened the meeting at 6:00 P.M. and welcomed the members present.

Dick Rath from Lewmar Marine was introduced and was thanked for the continued support from Lewmar for the Class. He presented gift packets from Lewmar to all present, and noted that he was providing spare parts and technical support during the World Championship.

Minutes from the previous meeting, Annapolis September 1998, were distributed and approved.

Scheduling - Fred Sherratt reported the decision of the scheduling committee, which was based on the poll of class members. The national schedule for 1999 is:

Key West Race Week Jan 18-22
SORC Mar 5-7
Annapolis NOOD May 7-9
Nantucket Gold, Newport Jun 4-6
Verve Cup Chicago Aug 13-15
Lewmar Cup Oct 22-24 (tentative)

Championship Circuit points will be decided from the best four scores out of the six-regatta series, using low point scoring from Appendix A of the Racing Rules of Sailing.

Renee Mehl reported that the 1999 World Championship was scheduled for 13-18 Sept in Hamble UK, to be sailed in the Solent. There had been a request by the Tour de France organizers to move the date of the event from September to June so that boats did not have to come back from the Mediterranean at the end of the season. A discussion indicated that moving the Worlds to June would disrupt the circuit schedules in the US and Europe. Owners of eight boats present indicated they were considering attending the 1999 Worlds.

Irish asked for the regional schedules, which had not yet been finalized by Mike Leland, Great Lakes, and Nelson Stephenson, East Coast. The Great Lakes schedule is:

Chicago NOOD Jun 11- 13
Harbor Springs Jul 23-25
Verve Cup Aug 13-15
Holland Regatta Aug 27-29 (tentative)

Great Lakes Championship Circuit points will be decided using Appendix AA scoring from the Racing Rules of Sailing, with three events to qualify.

The East Coast Circuit is:

American YC Spring Series Apr 30-May 1 and May 8-9
Block Island Race Week Jun 21-25
Marblehead NOOD Jul 29 - Aug 1
Heart Cup (Atlantic City) Aug 6-8
Larchmont NOOD Sep 11-12
Proposed Annapolis event Early Oct

East Coast Championship points will be decided from the best three of six events scheduled, using low point scoring from Appendix A of the Racing Rules of Sailing. Buttoned sails will not be required. Six boats must compete to qualify the event.

Chesapeake Bay Circuit

NASS Apr 25
AYC Spring One Design May 1
SCC Spring Race May 15
EYC One Design Jun 12
Leukemia Cup Jun 19
Ted Osius Memorial Jun 26
AYC Summer One Design Jul 24-25
CBYRA Race Week Sep 4-6
Hospice Cup Sep 18
AYC Fall Series Oct 2, 9, 16

Technical Committee: Technical Vice President Ed Collins led a discussion of Roll Tacking. Dave Irish, whose crew had been enthusiastically roll tacking, noted that the maneuver is not prohibited in our Class Rules, and it is not prohibited in the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing. Some classes do prohibit roll tacking, but the Mumm 30 does not. Mike Lathrop noted that ISAF Case 83, formerly Case 162, covered the issue. Ed Collins replied that the actions addressed in the Case might violate RRS 49.2 only if of a longer duration than roll tacking.

Barry Carroll requested the technical committee discuss and submit to the class a brief to clarify ORC Special Regulations, Cat 4, versus Mumm 30 Class Rules on the bow pulpit and cockpit volume issues.

Irish opened the subject of Competitor Eligibility by pointing out that there is a slightly different eligibility process in Europe that is more strict in some respects than at US SAJLING. He added that he had been informed cultural differences in Italy and perhaps other European countries make it a common practice for an owner to pay sailors for a weekend of club racing, He pointed out that there might be a desire to differentiate between the true Group 3 and the weekend sailor who may be modestly paid. Francesco Iacono spoke as the Word Council member from Europe, representing 62 boats. He stated that we all want to have an international Mumm 30 class, not US and European classes, and suggested that the rule should be the same for all members of the class. He said the Europeans' intent was to maintain amateurism in the class. Ed Collins noted that payment of sailors was already covered in Rule 1.1 of the Class rules and at R2(a) of the Eligibility Appendix.

Irish stated that a revised version of Appendix R would be effec6ve I- 1-99. It is liberalized for sailors who have not reached their 24th birthday. In addition there would be some relief for lower skilled sailors who work in the industry and do not use boat speed enhancing skills in their work, as, an accountant who is not a skilled sailor. Ed Collins pointed out that the new US SAILING Appendix R needs to be adopted by the Class Rule Appendix 4 through ISAF, Irish also noted that no changes could be made to the Class Rule without the due process of submission in writing to the Class membership and the Management Committee.

NOTE: At the time of drafting these minutes, Irish has looked into this Appendix R revision matter in respect to our class rule. He draws attention to the wording of class rule 1.1, and expresses the opinion that this rule adopts the US SAILING Appendix R of the RRS, as it may exist by action of US SAILING. He thus states that when the revised version of Appendix R became effective on 1-1-99, that version became effective within the Mumm 30 class rule without action by the class. Thus, Irish states that in his opinion no action need be taken by the class or ISAF on this matter.

A question was raised about the status of the proposed Class Newsletter. While Scott Collinson of Steadfast had offered to assist, there had been no initiative from the class officers or Farr Int. to organize the project.

Ed Freitag inquired whether any new boats had been built in the US. Ed Collins replied that there were no new builds at the present time, but it was possible for Carroll Marine to build, or possibly to bring Ovington built boats over from England, all dependent on demand. Collins went on to say that there had been a marketing and class association treasury meeting earlier with the Class Officers.

Meeting adjourned at 6:40 P.M.