Mumm 30 Owners List

Data last updated on 11 Oct 2001.

Hull Number Boat Name Owner
2 Surprise Bought new by Dave Irish
3 Windancer Bought new by Bob Tollefson
4 Cardiac Express

Bought new by Mark Sorensen.

Bought used by Fred Sherrat
5 Canned Heat Bought new by Charlie Lawrence. Rumored to be for sale.
6 Litigator

Air Force
Owned by Greg Johnson

?Used by Gene Lopez
7 Instigator Bought new by Bill Lockwood
8 Need for Speed Owned by Eugene Young
9 Moxie Owned by George Collins
10 Stinger Bought new by Ray Leyman
11 Go Figure Bought new by Dave Koski - Boat is currently for sale
12 Whiskey Tango Owned by Garrett and Thompson
14 Roxanne

Owned by Kip Meadows

Bought used by Mike Leland

Furry Creatures

Bought reconditioned by Phil Factor.
16 Maximum Dread Owned by Marshall Gladsum. Boat is for sale.
17 Road Kill

Owned by Jobson / Robbins

Bought used by Russ Ashdown
18 Off the Gauge

Bought new by Jack LeFort

Either bought or leased by Makoto Uematsu
20 Xisled Owned by Mark Ploch - Boat is for sale
21 Mind Eraser

Owned by Cory Wingerter

Bought used by Peggy Comfort
Phoenix Owned by E. de Souza Ramos. Bought a Farr 40. Now owns a Mumm 30 with Hull# 43.
23 China Cloud Bought used by Hank Bernbaum. Hank now has a 1D35 named China Cloud.
Usual Suspects Bought used by Team Suspects - Will Rafol and Bautista
24 Sparky Owned by Larry Hoffman
25 Downhill Express Owned by Tom & Cindy Hirsch
26 Blurrr Owned by R. Scarborough

Owned by Lindsay Clarkson
27 Hard Drive Owned by Rob Remberton
28 Albar3

Owned by Allen Keiser

Bought used by Bill Moe and Veronica Petty
29 Devastator

Owned by J. Dorsey

Owned by Dave Lewis and Salveson
30 Thirty Mumm Thing Owned by Mike Scott
31 Equinox Lite Owned by Marty Slagowitz
32 Mulligan Owned by Gordon Frock, Jim Geddes
33 Spaceman Spiff Owned by Rob & Abby Ruhlman
34 Woftam Owned by John & Wendy Clark and James Michie - boat is for sale
35 Virago Bought new by Stuart Townsend
37 Menace Owned by James Dill
39 Crime Scene Bought new by Nick & Sandy Malakis
40 Risky Business

Air Apparent
Owned by Mark Beck

Bought used by Gary White - boat is for sale
41 Fuzzy Logic Bought new by Tom Papanek
42 Twisted Lizard Bought new by Mike Lathrope
43 Swordflounder

Owned by Jim Ryan

Bought used by E. de Souza Ramos.
45 Primetime Bought new by Ed & Molly Freitag
46 Bullfrog Bought new by Tom Tatum
47 Turbo Duck Bought new by Bodo Von de Wense
48 USA 48 Bought new by Barry Allardice and Ed Collins
49 Moondoggie Bought new by Nick and Tina Worth. Boat was totaled in a trailering accident. Nick and Tina now own a 1D35 named Widow Maker.
50 USA 50 Bought new by Ed Collins
51 Excalibur Bought new by Roland Arthur. Boat rumored to be for sale. Roland has a 1D35.
52 Thalia Owned by JB Braun & Robert Shear.
Bought new by Pete du Pont. Pete now has a 1D35 named War Bride
55 Illusion Bought used by Tim McCarron
Bought used by John Podmajersky
56 Achiever3

Owned by Jim Flanagan

Bought used by X-Press Cartel
57 Mummbo Jumbo

Racer X
Bought new by Jeff Saplis

Bought used by Bob Knott
58 Sugaree

Bought new by Stu Brotz. Stu has bought a Farr 40

Bought used by Rick Woodworth
59 Bold Bought new by Nelson Stephenson
60 Celest Owned by Richard Price
61 Mumm's the Word Owned by Greg Dorland & Wayne Trewhitt
62 Airforce Owned by Gene Lopez
63 Plan B

Blew Moon
Owned by Jonathan Olesky

Owned by David Benua
64 Contender Bought new by Charlie Wurtzebach

USA 65
Owned by Owen Kratz

Owned by Mike Dressell and Al Hobart
66 Trouble Bought new by Phil Garland, Mike Keyworth, & Richard Shulman
67 Peregrine Owned by David Thomson
? Sidewinder F.D.K. Best
? QIS Glenn / McGeddes

Data last updated 11 Oct 2001